A-Clean was founded in 2014. Over the years the company grew its operations, becoming a loyal partner for many businesses, property management companies and construction firms, while providing an outstanding service all along. The founder Daniela Tuari was determined to get the company to the highest level of service for both ends. Throughout the years she was working really hard all in the name of one thing “HAPPY CLIENTS”.

A-Clean is concentrating mainly on office cleaning, contract cleaning and builders cleaning. The company has always worked closely with its clients, providing tailor made services to cover any special requirements of its customers. High standards of work, attention to details and exceptional customer care have always been a priority for the company and all its employees. A-Clean is always striving to have the perfect relationship with all its clients and employees, together with providing an exceptional service.

The company’s core values lie in creating an efficient business model, driven by a never ending strive for excellence. Excellent customer service, creativity, integrity and social responsibility are the most important aspects of what the company represents. The purpose of the company is to create a model for business excellence, with a client oriented approach being taken at all times. A-Clean strive to become a trusted partner by all our clients, offering innovative cleaning solutions, helping our clients to accomplish all the aims and objectives which come with a project.
Long term company goals include implementing solutions to support the future growth of the company while keeping up the high calibre of work. We aim to be consistent in every area of our work - from monitoring our performance to utilising top of the range equipment, ensures a sustainable, high quality of work over longer period of time.
About us

Our Team

Daniela Tuari - Managing Director

Daniela Tuari has over 20 years of experience in the cleaning industry. Having worked for some of the leading cleaning companies in London, she has gained a broad knowledge in every sector of the cleaning industry.

A-Clean was founded in 2014, focusing mainly on the commercial cleaning sector. Daniela's strategy was to work closely with selected clients, offering high quality cleaning, great customer care and bespoke service. Over the years A-Clean has become a trusted cleaning contractor for many property management companies, construction firms and commercial cleaning companies, who have chosen A-Clean as their loyal partner. Always striving for excellence, A-Clean focuses on leading by example management style, showing 100% commitment at all times.

Angela Markovich - HR Coordinator/ Admin

Angie joined A-Clean in 2017 and has been one of the most valuable assets for the company ever since. Combining a great mixture of 100% commitment to the work, extreme reliability and expert knowledge in the industry, Angie has always provided exceptional administrative support to A-Clean.

With a proactive approach and excellent organisational skills, Angela is one of the key people in A-Clean, looking after the overall performance of the company, its customers and staff.

Angela’s exceptional HR skills have helped A-Clean build a positive, professional and productive team. Her practical understanding of the business needs improved the efficiency and boosted the performance of the company, while reducing the overall employees’ turnover.

Anna-Maria Shalamanova - Contract Support

Ana-Mariya became part of A-Clean in 2021. Her role in the company is to coordinate the operations for some of the existing contracts and to assist setting new clients accounts. Her previous experience in the customer care sector ensures that the performance of the operatives always meet company expectations. Ana- Mariya always delivers brilliant customer service and handles all challenges professionally and effectively.
Ana-Mariya’s attention to details, professional approach and dedication to her work guarantees the clients are always taken a very good care of.
Her positive personality makes her a favourite among the clients and the staff too.


Katrine Madzharova - Operations Assistant

Katrine is the latest addition to A-Clean’s team. Her high standards of work and problem-solving approach quickly made her one of the most valuable people in the company. Her ability to multi task and her great planning skills helped A-Clean improve the efficiency of the services provided and increase the overall productivity.

Katrine’s natural ability to analyse the customer requirements and precise evaluation of the staff performance is a win -win combination, ensuring first class service is delivered at all times.