Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial carpet cleaning

At A-Clean we understand that first impressions do count and in office buildings, hotels and other commercial environments, customers often look to your floor covering to indicate the quality of your organisation. Caring for carpeted areas is essential for every business to ensure presentable image and highest levels of cleanliness are maintained at all times.

We provide professional carpet cleaning service with outstanding results. We have used the latest technology and techniques to refine the Carpet Cleaning process for commercial and industrial premises of all sizes.

We ensure your expensive, durable and high quality carpet is kept in optimum condition for years to come with minimal disruption and staff downtime.

Commercial carpet cleaning services and maintenance plans

We offer a range of comprehensive Commercial Carpet Cleaning services, including routine carpet cleaning, thorough deep carpet cleaning, stain removal and stain protection.

We can prepare a commercial carpet cleaning maintaining plan for your organization too, ensuring your carpets are cleaned and maintained on a regular basis throughout the year. This is a great way to extending the life of the carpets and keeping them looking great throughout the year. A well designed and low cost maintenance plan can pay for itself in a long term.

Different methods offered for commercial carpet cleaning

The carpet cleaning method we will use will depend on the type of the carpet, the level of soiling and the manufacturers recommendations. We specialise and use many different methods of Commercial carpet cleaning and maintenance.

The hot water extraction method we use is suitable for standard (wool or synthetic) type carpets and involves a multi step process to ensure your carpets are as clean and fresh a• s possible:

  • Step 1 Commercial Carp• et Vacuum of all areas
  • Step 2 Fibre identify test
  • Step 3 Pre spray with appropriate carpet cleaning solution. This is then allowed to dwell for a short time to break down dirt and dust molecules.
  • Step 4 Mechanical agitation (we use a machine to brush the solution deep into the pile).
  • Step 5 Hot Water extraction. We now use our powerful equipment to extract all that dirt and grime with a detergent FREE rinse ensuring no residue is left in your carpet.

Our hot water extraction equipment ensures no residue is left in your carpet. Just clean, fresh carpets that stay in a pristine condition for longer.

For carpets that are made from natural plant fibres and that are not suitable for hot water extraction we use dry carpet cleaning (Host dry compound cleaning system). This is a cleaning system that first vacuums and second dissolves and simultaneously removes soil, while leaving carpet completely dry after the treatment.

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